General object hashing library for C++
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 All.hppA convenience header that includes all the types supported by bphash
 array.hppHashing of std::array
 complex.hppHashing of std::complex
 ContainerHelper.hppHelpers for hashing STL containers
 Detector.hppTrait classes for detecting if something is hashable
 forward_list.hppHashing of std::forward_list
 Hash.cppHash value definition and utilities (source)
 Hash.hppHash value definition and utilities (header)
 Hasher.cppA class that hashes objects (source)
 Hasher.hppA class that hashes objects (header)
 Hasher_fwd.hppForward declarations of some of BPHash
 HashImpl.hppBase class for a hash implementation
 list.hppHashing of std::list
 map.hppHashing of std::map
 memory.hppHashing of std::unique_ptr and std::shared_ptr
 MurmurHash3_128_x64.cppMurmurHash3 128-bit x64 hash (source)
 MurmurHash3_128_x64.hppMurmurHash3 128-bit x64 hash (header)
 MurmurHash3_32_x32.cppMurmurHash3 32-bit x32 hash (source)
 MurmurHash3_32_x32.hppMurmurHash3 32-bit x32 hash (header)
 MurmurHash3_32_x64.cppMurmurHash3 32-bit x64 hash (source)
 MurmurHash3_32_x64.hppMurmurHash3 32-bit x64 hash (header)
 MurmurHash3_64_x64.cppMurmurHash3 64-bit x64 hash (source)
 MurmurHash3_64_x64.hppMurmurHash3 64-bit x64 hash (header)
 MurmurHash3_reference.cppMurmurHash reference implementation (source)
 MurmurHash3_reference.hMurmurHash reference implementation (header)
 set.hppHashing of std::set
 StdHash.hppA class that can be used in place of std::hash
 string.hppHashing of std::string
 test_benchmark.cppBenchmarking of hashing algorithms
 test_detect.cppTesting of compile-time detection of hashing ability
 test_floating.cppTesting of floating point types
 test_helpers.hppHelper functions for testing
 test_integers.cppTesting of integral types
 test_reference.cppTesting of core hashing algorithms
 test_stl.cppTesting of std::hash replacement
 test_string.cppTesting of string types
 test_tuple.cppTesting of tuple and pair
 tuple.hppHashing of std::tuple
 unordered_map.hppHashing of std::unordered_map
 unordered_set.hppHashing of std::unordered_set
 utility.hppHashing of std::pair
 vector.hppHashing of std::vector