General object hashing library for C++
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 Cdetect_hash_free_functionDetects there is a free function that will hash an object
 Cdetect_hash_memberDetects if a class has a hash() member function with the appropriate signature
 Cdetect_pointer_wrapperDetects if a type is a PointerWrapper class (and contains a hashable type
 Cdetect_pointer_wrapper< PointerWrapper< T > >
 CHashImplBase class for a hash implementation
 CMurmurHash3_128_x64Implementation of MurmurHash3 128-bit x64 hash
 CMurmurHash3_32_x32Implementation of MurmurHash3 32-bit x32 hash
 CMurmurHash3_32_x64Implementation of MurmurHash3 32-bit x64 hash
 CMurmurHash3_64_x64Implementation of MurmurHash3 64-bit x64 hash
 CHasherClass that is used to hash objects
 Cis_hashableTrait class that determines if a type is hashable or not
 Cis_hashable< T * >
 Cis_hashable< T >
 Cis_hashable< T, Targs... >
 CPointerWrapperWrapper for pointers and arrays
 CStdHashA class that can be used in place of std::hash in containers